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Social Worker and Their Code of Ethics Essay - 1057 Words

According to the Preamble of the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers, â€Å"the primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human wellbeing and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty.† National Association of Social Workers. (approved 1996, revised 1999, 2008). Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers. Washington, DC: Author. The ethical considerations of the Bruff Case as presented by Hermann and Herlihy (2006), are clearly defined and set forth Code of Ethics; additionally, the Code provides guidance to counselors on dealing with issues which might give rise†¦show more content†¦Unfortunately for this counselor, her religious beliefs cost her employment with the agency. According to the facts of the case presented in the excerpt from Corey, Corey, and Callanan (2007), â€Å"a court case involving a therapist’s refusal to counsel homosexual clients† (pp. 138-141), Bruff should be held liable for any emotional harm she caused to the client. As set forth in the National Association of Social Workers, Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers, (2008), social workers are ethically required to help people in need and address any social setbacks or problems. Refusing to counsel the lesbian couple regarding their relationship issues can be characterized as a form of discrimination towards their sexual orientation. As such, this discrimination could subject the social worker to liability as professional malpractice. â€Å"Professional malpractice is generally considered a form of negligence.† Frederic G Reamer, Social Work Malpractice and Liability: Strategies for Prevention (2003). As Social workers you are mandated obtain education about and seek to understand the nature of social diversity and oppression with respect to race, ethnicity, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, marital status, political belief, religion, immigration status, and mental or physical disability. Moreover, counselors have a professional and ethical duty—set forth in the Code of Ethics,Show MoreRelatedA Code Of Ethics For Social Workers Essay2330 Words   |  10 PagesAll social workers can attest th at at some point in their career they’ve had a situation that was an ethical dilemma. They work with people who are experiencing some very difficult and sensitive situations, and there are instances where issues arise that put social workers in a difficult position in regards to ethics. Whether it be from conflicting responsibilities of a social worker or an issue that lies in an ethical gray area. Fortunately, the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) hasRead MoreCode Of Ethic For National Association Of Social Worker1138 Words   |  5 PagesReading the Code of Ethic for National Association of Social Worker (NASW) I see that the code of ethics if pretty similar to my own set of values. Upon reviewing the code of ethics, it parallels how my approach to clients is treated regardless of their status in the community. The ethical principles are to ensure that dignity and worth of the person, social justice, and importance of human relations, integrity and competency is a service that should be afforded to anyone. These core values haveRead MoreThe Code Of Ethics Of The National Association Of Social Workers1452 Words   |  6 PagesPreamble of the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers it is stated that â€Å"the primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people, with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable, oppressed, and living in poverty† (, 2008). Social workers must consider the many levels that accompany each case and also remember to consult the Code of Ethics so that theyRead MoreThe Code Of Ethics Of The National Association Of Social Workers Essay1714 Words   |  7 Pagesmax). The Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is designed to communicate the fundamental values, ethical principles, and ethical standards of the social work profession, regardless of the role in which the workers are functioning. These codes should always be consulted as guidelines when ethical issues arise to get the best outcome for the clients. Good human service workers know this and stay up to date with any changes to the codes of ethics. They are alsoRead MoreThe Code Of Ethics Of The National Association Of Social Workers Essay1469 Words   |  6 Pagessingle space max). The Code of Ethics of the National Association of Social Workers (NASW) is designed to communicate the fundamental values, ethical principles, and ethical standards of the social work profession, regardless the roles the workers are functioning these codes should always be consulted as guidelines when ethical issues arise while pursuing the best outcome for the Clients. Good human service workers know this and are familiar with the codes of ethics. They are also clear on managingRead MoreThe National Association Of Social Workers Code Of Ethics Essay2287 Words   |  10 PagesSocial work is a very unique profession. The other professions that are in the same realm as social work are very specialized, however, social workers must have a broad range of knowledge in order to help their clients. This is where multiple agencies come together to make sure professionals are properly trained and knowledgeable. In the field of social work, ethics and values are the key principles that prov ide the basis for the mission. It is these principles that guide the decisions and actionsRead MoreThe Code Of Ethics Of National Association Of Social Workers1948 Words   |  8 PagesPurposes, functions, and goal of social work Social work refers to the profession in which there is a â€Å"distinctive emphasis... on the interface between individuals and their social environment† (Toseland Rivas, 2005, p. 5). The profession was created as a response to a need or concern (Johnson Yanca, 2010, p. 4). Common human needs include: food, shelter, clothing, health care, opportunities for emotional and intellectual growth, as well as meaningful relationships (Johnson Yanca, 2010, pRead MoreHuman Services Professional or Social Workers Code and Ethics542 Words   |  3 PagesThere is a pressing need for a high level of worker/client boundary identification when working within a client population, however realizing a conflict of interest scenario is vitally important when facing a dual relationship with a client. There are so many issues that are faced by a human service professional, explaining all of them may be difficult. In this field there are issues such as burnout, secondary trauma, compassion satis faction, dual relationships, and boundary issues. (Reamer, F. (2012)Read MoreEthics And Code Of Ethics1359 Words   |  6 Pagesethical codes in which it is useful to become aware of these differences for your future employment in working with a variety of professionals. Future coworkers may have different views and opinions however, a code of ethics will individualize these professionals and set standards. By making yourself aware of the differences, communication can become easier between employees of various backgrounds. Two particular organizations to compare may include the American Counseling Association Code of EthicsRead MoreEthical Principles, Morals And Values Of A Company Or Organization Essay1612 Words   |  7 PagesCode of ethics, are implemented to educate employees on the ethical principles, morals and values of a company or organization. Organizations such as the National Association for Social Workers (NASW), and the National Organization for Human Services (NOHS ) have ethical codes in place for individuals working within the Human Services field. The American Psychological Association (APA) have ethical principles for psychologists. Furthermore, journalist’s and corporations have ethical codes they must

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Sunshine Chapter 16 Free Essays

We drove. Old county buildings quickly became Old Town, which turned almost as quickly into downtown and then rather more slowly into nothing-in-particular town, blocks of slightly shabby houses giving way to blocks of somewhat seedy shops and offices and back again. It wasn’t a big city; we went over the line into what most of us called No Town far too soon. We will write a custom essay sample on Sunshine Chapter 16 or any similar topic only for you Order Now In the first place I didn’t want to go there at all, in the second place I didn’t like being reminded that it was so close. New Arcadia’s only big bad spots are in No Town, which did compel a certain amount of evasive driving. Even a SOF car can only go where there are still roads, and urban bad spots get blocked off fast. But we weren’t going nearly indirectly enough for me. Here moved out of the back of my mind into the front, like Large Zombie Rat getting up off your living room floor and following you into the kitchen where you realize that it’s bigger and uglier than you thought, and its teeth are longer, and while zombies are really, really stupid, they’re also really, really vicious. They’re also nearly as fast as vampires, and since they don’t just happen, they’re made for a purpose, if one is coming after you, that’s probably its purpose, and you’re in big trouble. Here was getting worse. It was going to burst out of my skull and dance on the dashboard, and it wouldn’t be anything anyone wanted to watch. â€Å"Stop,† I said. Pat stopped. I tried to breathe. Zombie Rat seemed to be sitting on my chest, so I couldn’t. I couldn’t see it any more though – there didn’t seem to be anything left but its little red eyes – no, its huge, drowning, no-color eyes – â€Å"I – can’t – any – more – turn – around,† I think is what I said. I don’t remember. I remember after Pat turned around and started driving back toward Old Town. After what felt like a long time I began breathing again. I was clammy with sweat and my head ached as if pieces of my skull had been broken and the edges were grinding together. But Zombie Rat was gone. That had been far too much like the bad spot the SOF car hadn’t protected us from, the day Jesse and Pat took me back out to the house on the lake. (Those no-color eyes†¦both mirror-flat and chasm-deep†¦if they were eyes†¦) But we hadn’t tried to drive through a bad spot. And this time it was just me. Pat and Jesse hadn’t noticed anything. Except my little crisis. I didn’t know if I was angrier at their making me try to do – whatever – or at the fact that I’d failed. I’d been to No Town when I was a teenager. It wasn’t like I had no idea. Any teenager with the slightest pretensions toward being stark, spartan, whatever, which I’m afraid I had had, will probably give it a try if it’s offered, and it will be offered. And No Town is a rite of passage; quite sensible kids go at least once. I’d been there more than once. Some of the clubs were pretty spartan by anyone’s standards. Kenny said (out of Mom’s hearing) this was still true. And it was also still true (Kenny said) that you dared each other to climb farther in, over the rubble around the bad spots, although nobody got very far. But I hadn’t got any less far than anyone else, when I was his age. So had whatever-it-was moved there since my time, or was I just more sensitive now than I had been? No Town was actually a lot cleaner now than it had been when I was sixteen and seventeen, which was right after the Wars. Having been once captured by vampires, did I now overreact to their presence? If â€Å"overreact to vampires† wasn’t a contradiction in terms. Or was this another horrible, specific one-off, like my having heard the giggler when no one else could? I didn’t know if I wanted the answer to be yes or no. If it was no, then it might mean my sucker connection was general, which didn’t bear thinking about. But if it was yes, then it meant I was picking up something to do with Bo. Which didn’t bear thinking about. Unless it was Con. Unless this had been his daylight wards, protecting him, protecting us, in the company of a couple of sucker-hating SOFs. No. It wasn’t Con. Whatever it was, it wasn’t Con. Pat drove around into the SOF back lot again. Neither of them had said any word of blame or failure or frustration to me, although I felt I could hear them both thinking. Words like â€Å"triangulation.† I didn’t know if they’d marked where I made them turn around. Probably. But neither of them mentioned it. Yet. â€Å"I’d take you straight to Charlie’s but I don’t think you want the neighborhood seeing you show up in a SOF car,† Pat said, as offhand as if we’d been buying groceries. I started to shake my head – unmarked SOF cars were like SOFs out of uniform; you still knew – but changed my mind. â€Å"Thanks.† I fumbled for the door handle. â€Å"Do you want to come back in? You look a little†¦worn. There are a few bedrooms in the back. They’re pretty basic but they have beds and they’re quiet. Or I could run you home.† This time I did manage to shake my head. Carefully. â€Å"No. Thanks. I’m going for a walk. Clear my head.† The last thing I wanted to do was lie down in a small dark room and try to go to sleep. I didn’t want to go home either. There might be a dead rat in the living room. I got out of the car, lifted my face to the sunlight. It felt like a good fairy’s kiss. Except good fairies don’t exist. As I walked toward the exit Pat called after me, â€Å"Hey. Didn’t you want to tell us something? When you came in.† I looked at him, at the way the shadows fell across his face. He was leaning on the roof of the car, which was unmarked-cop-car blue. That was probably why the shadows in the hollows of his eyes, his upper lip, his throat, looked blue. â€Å"I forget now,† I said. â€Å"It’ll come back to me.† Pat smiled a little: a twitch of the lips. â€Å"Sorry, Sunshine.† I raised a hand and turned away again. He said softly, â€Å"See you.† He could have meant only that he’d see me at Charlie’s, where we’d seen each other for years. But I knew that wasn’t what he meant. I went for a long walk. I spiraled slowly through Old Town, from the outside edge, where SOF headquarters and City Hall lie on the boundary between Old Town and downtown, to the next circle where the area library and the Other Museum and the older city buildings are, through several small parks and down the long green aisle of General Aster’s Way (purple in autumn with michaelmas daisies, some municipal gardener’s idea of a joke), and then into the back streets of Charlie’s neighborhood, where everyone gets lost occasionally, even people who have lived there all their lives, like Charlie and Mary and Kyoko. I was used to getting lost. I didn’t mind. I’d come to something I recognized eventually. I wandered and thought about the latest thing I didn’t want to think about. There seemed to be so many things I didn’t want to think about lately. I didn’t want to think about my increasing sense that something had happened to Con. And that it mattered. There is no fellowship between humans and vampires. We are fire and water, heads and tails, north and south†¦day and night. Maybe I was imagining the bond. Maybe it was a way of dealing with what had happened. Like post-traumatic thingummy. Con himself said the bond existed, but he could be wrong too. Vampires are deadly, but no one says they’re infallible. I blinked my treacherous eyes, watching the things in the shadows slither and sparkle. I had plenty to worry about already. I didn’t have to worry about vampires too. One vampire. The last thing I wanted to be doing was worrying about him. No, the next to last thing. The last thing I wanted was to be bound to him. I hadn’t thought I had any – did I mean innocence? – to lose, after those two nights on the lake. I didn’t know you could go on finding out you’d had stuff by losing it. This didn’t seem like a very good method to me. Over two months of being slowly poisoned probably hadn’t been really good for me either. And the nightmares had been bad. But in a way they’d still been pure. I’d made a mistake – a mistake I’d paid dearly for – but it had been a mistake. A month ago, I’d called on Con. Okay, I was at the end of my tether. But I’d still asked a vampire for help – not Mel, not a human doctor of human medicine. And he’d helped me. The nightmares I’d had since weren’t pure at all. My thought paused there, teetering on the edge of a precipice, and then fell over. What if it hadn’t been a mistake, driving out to the lake? What if I’d had to do it – if not that exact thing, then something similar. What if that restlessness I hadn’t been able to name had caused exactly what it was meant to cause? That question I hadn’t asked Con, out by the lake, is my dad another of your old enemies? Or your old friends? Between the dark thoughts inside my head and the leaping, glittery shadows my eyes saw, I had to stop. I was at the edge of Oldroy’s Park. I groped my way to a bench and sat down. I sat there, and stared at the tree opposite me, and the way the rough ridges of its bark seemed to wiggle where they lay in shade. My thoughts were stuck on that night at the lake. I never liked coincidence much, but I hated the sense I was making now. I watched the wiggling bark. It occurred to me that this was new. I’d been seeing into shadows, but merely what was there, as if there was a rather erratic light on it. This was something else. Which gave me something I could bear to think about, so I thought about it. A few more minutes passed and it seemed to me it was as if I was watching the tree breathing. I found a leaf in shadow, and looked at it for a while; it twinkled, as if with tiny starbursts, but rather than thinking ugh – weird, I kept watching, till there seemed to be a pattern. I thought, it’s as if I’m watching its pores opening and closing. I looked down at my hands. The shadows between the fingers gleamed like a banked fire. The tiny shadows laid by the veins on the backs of them were a tiny, flickering dark green edged with a tinier, even more flickering red. The daylight part of the veins looked as it always did. In the shadow places I could see the blood moving. I was sitting in sunlight, not shade. I automatically chose sun if there was any sun to be had. I remembered the sun on my back the first morning at the lake, like the arm of a friend. I closed my eyes. I heard the footsteps but I didn’t expect them to pause. â€Å"Pardon me,† said a voice. â€Å"Are you all right?† ; I opened my eyes. An old woman stood there, a little bent over, leaning on the handle of her two-wheeled shopping cart. â€Å"You look – tired,† she said. â€Å"Can I fetch you anything? There is a shop on the corner. And it has a pay phone. Can I call someone for you?† She had a nice face. She would be someone you would be glad to have as a neighbor, or as a regular at the coffeehouse you and your family ran. I looked at the shadows that fell half across her face and saw†¦I don’t know how†¦that she was a partblood. And that something about my expression was maybe making her guess I might be going through finding that out about myself. And remembering how hard this was she was going to ask me, a total stranger, if I was all right. I hauled myself back into the ordinary world, and the vision faded. The shadows that fell across her face reverted to being the usual, disorienting, see-through, funny-edged shadows I’d been seeing for a month. She smiled. â€Å"I’m sorry to disturb you. I – er – I thought you might perhaps – er – â€Å" â€Å"Want to be disturbed?† I said. â€Å"Yes. Isn’t it†¦silly†¦how†¦upsetting†¦just thinking can be?† â€Å"It’s not silly at all. The insides of our own minds are the scariest things there are.† Scarier than vampires? I thought. Scarier than an affinity for vampires? Well. That was what she’d said, wasn’t it? What my mind contained was an affinity for vampires. She was fishing around in her cart and pulled out a package of Fig Carousels and another of Chocolate Pinwheels. I laughed. She smiled at me again. â€Å"Which?† she said, holding them out toward me. I hadn’t had a Pinwheel in fifteen years, although the secret recipe for Sunshine’s Killer Zebras was the later result of a three-pack-a-week pre-Charlie’s childhood. I pointed to the Pinwheels. She tore open the packet, sat down, and offered it to me. â€Å"Thank you,† I said. She took one too. We sat in silence for a while, and did away with several more Pinwheels. â€Å"Thank you,† I said again. â€Å"Maud,† she said. â€Å"I’m Maud. I live – there,† and she pointed to one of the old townhouses that surrounded the little park. â€Å"I sit here often, in warm weather. I’ve found it’s a good place for thinking; I like to believe Colonel Oldroy was a pleasant fellow, which is why the disagreeable thoughts seem to fall away if you sit here.† Colonel Oldroy had been one of those military scientist bozos who spent decades locked up in some huge secret underground maze because whatever they were doing was so superclassified that the existence of a lab to do it in was confidential information. It still wasn’t public knowledge where his lab had been, but Oldroy got the credit, or the blame, for the blood test SOF still used on job applicants. Before Oldroy there was no reliable test for demon partbloods. (Remember that demon is a hodge-podge word. A Were can’t be a partblood; you either are one or you aren’t. Anything else, anything alive that is, may be called a demon, although things like peris and angels will probably protest.) Pretty much the first thing that Oldroy discovered was that he was a partblood. He’d retired before they had a chance to throw him out, and spent the last twenty years of his life breeding roses, and naming them things like Lucifer, Mammon, Beelzebub, and Belphegor. Belp hegor, under the less controversial name Pure of Heart, was a big commercial success. Mom had a Pure of Heart in her back yard. Oldroy may not have had a very happy life, but it sounded like he’d had a sense of humor. I wondered if he’d had anything to do with synthesizing the drug that made partbloods piss green or blue-violet but pass his blood test, or with setting up the bootleg mentor system. â€Å"Sometimes you have help,† I said. â€Å"Sometimes people come along and offer you Chocolate Pinwheels.† â€Å"Sometimes,† she said. â€Å"I’m Rae,† I said. â€Å"Do you know Charlie’s Coffeehouse? It’s about a quarter mile that way,† I said, pointing. â€Å"I don’t get that far very often,† she said. â€Å"Well, some time, if you want to, you might like to try our Killer Zebras. There’s a strong family resemblance†¦Tell whoever serves you that Sunshine says you can have as many as you can carry away, to bring back to this park and eat. In the sunshine.† â€Å"Are you Sunshine then too?† I sighed. â€Å"Yes. I guess. I’m Sunshine too.† â€Å"Good for you,† she said, and patted my knee. I got home that night at about nine-thirty and had a cup of cinnamon and rosehip tea and stared out at the dark and thought. There was at least one good result of my negative epiphany that afternoon in Oldroy Park: there seemed to me suddenly so many worse things that worrying about Con seemed clean and straightforward. He had saved my life, after all. Twice. Never mind the extenuating circumstances. I stood on my little balcony and remembered: I could not come to you if you did not call me, but if you called I had to come. â€Å"Constantine,† I said quietly, into the darkness. â€Å"Do you need me? You have to call me if you do. You told me the rules yourself.† He’d said Bo was after us. And that Bo would make a move soon. I rather thought that â€Å"soon† in this instance meant a definition of soon that humans and vampires could agree on. Con should have been back before now to tell me what was going on, what we were going to do. How far he’d got in tracing Bo. He hadn’t. There was something wrong. I slept badly that night, but this was getting to be so usual that it was an effort to try to decide if the nightmares I’d had were the kind I should pay attention to or not. I decided that they probably were, but I didn’t know what kind of attention to pay, so I wasn’t going to. I went in to work, turned my brain off, and started making cinnamon rolls, and garlic-rosemary buns for lunch. Then I made brown sugar brownies, Rocky Road Avalanche, Killer Zebras, and a lot of muffins, and then it was ten-thirty and I had the lunch shift free. I had pulled my apron off and was about to untie my scarf when Mel’s hand stopped me long enough for him to kiss the back of my neck. I shook my hair out and said â€Å"Yes† and we went back to his house together and spent some time on the roof. There’s nothing nicer than making love outdoors on a warm sunny day, and this late in the year it felt like getting away with something too. Mel used to laugh, sometimes, right after he came, in this gentle, surprised way, as if he’d never expected to be this happy, and then he’d kiss me, thoughtfully, and I’d hang on to him and hope that I was reading the signs right. That afternoon was one of those times. He’d wound up on top, which, I admit, I had slightly engineered, since there was a bit of an autumnal breeze snaking around and it was nice and warm under Mel’s body. His breath smelled of coffee and cinnamon. We lay there some time afterward – I loved that butterfly-wings feeling of a hard-on getting unhard inside me – and while we lay there I was all right and the world was all right and everything that might not be all right was on hold. And it was daylight and with my treacherous eyes shut I could just lie there and feel the sunshine on my face. After a comfortable, rather dreamy lunch he went downstairs to take apart or put together some motorcycle and I went off to the library. I wanted to talk to Aimil. She looked up from her desk, smiled faintly and said, â€Å"I have a break in, uh, forty minutes,† and went back to whatever she was doing. I had a pass through the NEW shelves where there was a book hysterically titled The Scourge of the Other. It was a good two inches thick. I considered stealing it and putting it through the meat grinder at Charlie’s, but the library would only buy another one and the detritus of ink and binding glue probably wouldn’t do the quality of Charlie’s meatloaf any good. I knew without picking it up that the chapters would have rabble-rousing headings like â€Å"The Demon Menace† and â€Å"The Curse of the Were.† I wasn’t going to guess what noun was desperate enough for vampires. Four months ago I would have just scowled. Today it gave me a hard-knot-in-pit-of-stomach feeling. It was turning out I had a lot of Other friends. And Con, of course, whatever he was. Con, are you all right? My tea was already steeping when I went back to the tiny staff kitchen to find Aimil. â€Å"So, how did it happen?† I said. She didn’t bother to ask how did what happen. â€Å"I knew about your SOFs at Charlie’s because you told me about them.† â€Å"I told you so you wouldn’t stop speaking to me because I seemed to like some guys who wore khaki and navy blue.† â€Å"That they were SOF was supposed to help?† â€Å"They told the best Other stories.† â€Å"I guess. I could have done without the one†¦never mind. Anyway, so I recognized them when they came here. One day Pat and Jesse asked if I’d come by the SOF office some day for a chat – I hadn’t realized you could feel surrounded by two people, you know? – and what was I going to say, no? So I said yes. And then they asked me if I’d be interested in doing a little work for SOF and of course I said no, and then they started working around to telling me they weren’t so interested that I was a reference librarian as they were interested in what I was doing with Otherwatch and Beware. They seemed to know what I was doing at home too, and before I totally freaked Pat held his breath and turned blue. I said, what’s to prevent me reporting you? And he said, because you’re another one†¦I have no idea how they found out.† Aimil stopped, but she didn’t stop like end-of-the-story stop. â€Å"And?† I said. She sighed. â€Å"Rae, I’m sorry. They also said, because you’re a friend of Sunshine’s.† There was no window in the little library staff kitchen. I wanted sunlight. What had my friendship to do with anything? She’d been working for SOF for almost two years. â€Å"And you didn’t tell me.† Aimil walked over to the door and closed it gently. I didn’t want anyone to hear us either, but my spine started prickling with claustrophobia, or dark-o-phobia anyway. â€Å"I’m sorry,† said Aimil. â€Å"It’s only been since I’ve been working for them that I’ve started†¦have been able to start thinking of myself as Other. As a partblood. The best way to pass is to believe in the role, you know? My parents know, of course, but they haven’t made any attempt to find out where it comes from. None of my brothers had anything weird happen to them, and so far as I know they don’t know about me. I haven’t told my family I’m SOF, and I haven’t – hadn’t – told anyone I’m partblood. Who was I going to tell? Why? The only person who would have a right to know is the father of my children, and I’m not going to have children and pass this on. I hope none of my brothers’ kid s†¦well. Because I’d have to tell them then.† I didn’t say anything right away. â€Å"When did you find out?† â€Å"Yeah,† said Aimil. â€Å"Right about the time I met you. You looked as lost as I felt. And then it turned out we got along, and†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Did everyone but my mother and me assume that who my dad was was public knowledge?† â€Å"It wasn’t quite that bad.† I looked at her. She said reluctantly, â€Å"It was maybe worse during the Voodoo Wars but by then everyone knew you, and your mom had married Charlie, and Charlie’s family has lived in Old Town forever, and you were normal by context, you know? And then you had two dead-normal little pests for brothers. Nobody ever, ever caught you doing anything weird at school – you seemed just as fascinated as the rest of us when some of the Ngus and Bloodaxes and so on talked about magic handling. I don’t deny that a few people looked at you a little sideways.† I’d let my tea sit too long, but the bitterness in my mouth seemed appropriate. â€Å"You were into cooking, Rae. And a generation or two ago the Blaises were top dog, sure – â€Å" Were they, I thought. So many things my mother never told me. Although I couldn’t really blame her for my avoiding reading globenet articles that mentioned the Blaises. Could I? I’d wanted to be Rae Seddon. â€Å"You still heard a little about them at the beginning of the Wars†¦but then it’s like what was left of them disappeared. So maybe you were genuinely normal, you know? Most people say that magic handling runs out in families sooner or later.† â€Å"The SOFs didn’t think so,† I muttered. Disappeared. Bo’s lot brought me a Blaise. And, not just a third cousin who can do card tricks and maybe write a ward sign that almost works, but Onyx Blaise’s daughter. Onyx Blaise. Whose mother taught his daughter to transmute. How did the people who were looking at me sideways count those one or two generations? What else could my gran do? Had she done? Disappeared how? â€Å"And nobody gets more normal than your mom.† True. I would think about how to thank her for my very well embedded normalcy later. It might be difficult to choose between cyanide and garrotting. â€Å"Can we go outside?† I said. The sun was behind a cloud but daylight is still better than indoors. â€Å"Aimil. I want to ask you a favor.† â€Å"Done.† â€Å"Okay. Thanks. It’s what SOF wants me to do – try and get some location fix on one of your creepy cosmails. But I want to do it somewhere that isn’t behind proofglass.† â€Å"In daylight,† said Aimil. â€Å"Okay. We’ll do it at my house. My next afternoon off is Thursday.† â€Å"I’ll find someone to swap with.† â€Å"It’s not only the proofglass, is it? It’s also SOF. You don’t want to do it just because SOF tells you to.† How to cite Sunshine Chapter 16, Essay examples

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Question: Discuss about the Computing Paradigm Scenarios And Security. Answer: Introduction Networking is a design and use of network, which includes the selection and use of telecommunication protocol including the use of cabling, switches and routers for managing the network. Networking refers to the exchange of information and resource sharing among the different devices connected over a particular network. Therefore, ensuring proper security in networking is to be ensured in order to prevent the unauthorized access of the information and computer resources. This is necessary because generally, a business connects all their systems and computers over a common network, and security issue in a single device can affect the entire system or put the system into risk. The report discusses the different security issues associated with the networking and the different improvements in the networking system over the years [3]. Background and related Areas The security issue in networking can arise from vulnerability present in the security system that is exploited by a security risk or threat. The different security issue that may arise in networking includes, security breaches, loss of data along with the threat of malicious attacks. Therefore, ensuring proper measures is essential in order to reduce the vulnerability of the network. Over the years, different researches have been conducted in this field to avoid these network security threats. This includes, use of different security devices, firewalls and antivirus software in the network and devices, to detect and prevent the malicious use and unauthorized access of information from the system. Other security measures that can be taken in order to prevent the unauthorized access to the confidential data stored over a particular network includes encryption of systems data in order to prevent any unauthorized access [2]. In order to eliminate the security issues of the system, the use of VPN or virtual private network is widespread across the organization. This is because the virtual private network helps in creating a secure link for protecting the information exchange over a particular network. It prevents anyone from accessing and modifying any information while it is being transferred across the channel [1]. There are different cause of network security problems, which includes the technology weakness, policy weakness and the configuration weakness [5]. The use of technology in every business operation is widespread and therefore, some unknown inherent weakness and vulnerabilities in a network can sufficiently act as a huge threat in a particular network. Similarly, lack of proper policy management in a network leads to security threats in a network. This includes lack of a proper disaster recovery plan, lack of policy for changes in hardware and software of system along with the lack of proper security monitoring. Security Issues in Networking Every networking device is subjected to different threats that require implementation of proper preventive measures for detecting and eliminating these vulnerabilities from the system. The different security issues associated with networking are as follows- Hacking into a network is one of the primary security issues associated with networking. Hacking refers to the unauthorized use of data and servers. This can be prevented by use of proper intrusion detection system in the network. Denial of Service attack is less harmful yet one of the most common security issues in networking. There had been a considerable increase in the rate of DoS and DDoS (Distributed Denial of service attack) in different networks over the years [4]. In this attack, the attacker floods the servers that overwhelm the victim resources making it impossible for the legitimate users in accessing the system. This might further result in a system crash, thereby stopping the entire operation of the network [6]. It has been observed over the years that the different security issues in the network arise from the misconfiguration of the systems and servers and not by any vulnerability. Misconfiguration of the servers results in the firewall breaches that lead to the loss of data and data theft. Botnet is another major issue that is observed on networking security. A lot of improvement are needed in this area in order to prevent the accordance of such attacks [7]. A botnet is a system that is been hacked by an attacker in order to forward viruses and spams to the computers that are connected over a common network [9]. Shared computer over a particular network is a threat as a number of people can access these systems. Another major security attack in networking is the password attack, where the hackers are able to determine the password of a network and can able to access it without the knowledge of the owner. This is very difficult to prevent, as many hacking software is used in order to access the password and therefore, it is one the major security issues in networking. Technical Specifications Vulnerabilities in Configuration is one of the major causes of the networking security issues and therefore, proper configuration of the firewall in a system or a network is essential in order to prevent it. The steps involving proper configuration of the system are illustrated below- All the ports of the server that are not in use should be blocked, as this will prevent the opening of the unwanted ports to launch an attack. The configuration of the server of a network should be in accordance to an average hit rate. This is because if the attacker can access the main server, it can degrade the performance of the network by sending unwanted spam and emails. The VPN implementation for disaster recovery should include the proper encryption methods [9]. The wireless networking system if implemented in a network should be subjected to proper authentication method preferably WPA2 as WEP is more prone to attacks [8]. Advantages and Disadvantages There are various advantages and disadvantages of evaluating the different security issues in networking. It helps in understanding and identifying the different vulnerabilities present in a network. Knowledge about the security issues in a network is essential for mitigating the risks associated with the system. Different researches over the years have considerably helped in unveiling the different security issues associated with networking and introduction of different risk mitigation approaches that can be implemented in order to eliminate the problem. One of the major disadvantages is that improper use of different risk mitigation approaches might have a negative effect in the networking system, leading to the risk of misconfiguration security issue. Improvements in security in networking over the years Over the years, the networking security issues have increased by many folds, however, there is a considerable advancement in breach detection tools such as, improve in security and event-monitoring system. The use of multifactor authentication and encryption has considerably helped in increasing the security of the system. The security assessment tools are emerging over the years that are able to detect the network vulnerability thus reducing the occurrence of network security attack [11]. Conclusion Therefore, from the above discussion, it can be concluded that there are certain network security issues that are associated with networking, which includes the hacking, botnet attack, DDos attack and so on. This can be prevented by proper system configuration and use of proper intrusion detection systems. Proper configuration of the hardware and software is necessary for detecting any present threat in the network and eliminate the threats. A lot of improvements in the field of networking has been observed over the years and thus at present, it becomes possible to detect the a threat present in the system. References [1] Stojmenovic, Ivan, and Sheng Wen. "The fog computing paradigm: Scenarios and security issues." InComputer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS), 2014 Federated Conference on, pp. 1-8. IEEE, 2014. [2] Stolfo, Salvatore J., Malek Ben Salem, and Angelos D. Keromytis. "Fog computing: Mitigating insider data theft attacks in the cloud." InSecurity and Privacy Workshops (SPW), 2012 IEEE Symposium on, pp. 125-128. IEEE, 2012. [3] Jung, Taeho, Xiang-Yang Li, Zhiguo Wan, and Meng Wan. "Privacy preserving cloud data access with multi-authorities." InINFOCOM, 2013 Proceedings IEEE, pp. 2625-2633. IEEE, 2013. [4] Zhang, Heng, Peng Cheng, Ling Shi, and Jiming Chen. "Optimal DoS attack scheduling in wireless networked control system."IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology24, no. 3 . 2016: 843-852. [5] Shin, Seungwon, and Gu. Guofei, "Attacking software-defined networks: A first feasibility study." InProceedings of the second ACM SIGCOMM workshop on Hot topics in software defined networking, pp. 165-166. ACM, 2013. [6] Bogdanoski, Mitko, Tomislav Shuminoski, and Aleksandar Risteski. "Analysis of the SYN flood DoS attack."International Journal of Computer Network and Information Security5, no. 8. 2013: 1. [7] Zhao, David, Issa Traore, Bassam Sayed, Wei Lu, Sherif Saad, Ali Ghorbani, and Dan Garant. "Botnet detection based on traffic behavior analysis and flow intervals."Computers Security39. 2013: 2-16. [8] Ambavkar, S. Pranav, U. Pranit, B. Patil, B. Meshram, and Pamu Kumar Swamy. "WPA exploitation in the world of wireless network."Int J Adv Res Comput Eng Technol1, no. 4. 2012: 609-618. [9] Lim, Sharon, J. Ha, H. Kim, Y. Kim, and S. Yang. "A SDN-oriented DDoS blocking scheme for botnet-based attacks." InUbiquitous and Future Networks (ICUFN), 2014 Sixth International Conf on, pp. 63-68. IEEE, 2014. [10] F. Ahmed, Z. U. Butt, and U. A. Siddiqui. "MPLS based VPN Implementation in a Corporate Environment."Journal of Information Technology Software Engineering6, no. 5. 2016: 1-7. [11] Eldardiry, Hoda, Evgeniy Bart, Juan Liu, John Hanley, Bob Price, and Oliver Brdiczka. "Multi-domain information fusion for insider threat detection." InSecurity and Privacy Workshops (SPW), 2013 IEEE, pp. 45-51. IEEE, 2013.

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Research Paper The Great Depression Essay Example

Research Paper The Great Depression Essay Which are the main factors that led to the Great Depression? Crash of the Stock Market One of the main caused the collapse of the stock market was double price of the stocks. Shareholders increased the price of stocks in order to make high profits. For instance, the Dow Jones Industrial Average won from 191 in 1928 to 381 in 1929. (Gussmorino) Furthermore, a lot of people (despite they didn’t have all the money) started to buy stocks on credit because were more profitable. For instance, if Mr. Brown purchases one share from Lee company for $10 and borrowing $85, after one or two years he could sell it for $350. Because the prices of the market were flying very high, the demand was lower. For this reason, borders lowered the prices and started to sell as quickly as they could. But by this action they made the crash closer than they could imagine. Finally, the stock market crash of 1929 caused stockholders to lose more than $40 billion dollars, and bank failures all over the United States. (Gusmorino) We will write a custom essay sample on Research Paper The Great Depression specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on Research Paper The Great Depression specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on Research Paper The Great Depression specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer Overproduction Companies started to produce more than the market’s quantity demand. Said in other words there was a surplus, which brought the market to the depression. (Himmelberg) Farmers and industries produced more goods then were demanded. Also the trade with foreign countries, especially with Europe low down. Colin (October 19, 2008) in his article â€Å"Causes and Effects of the Great Depression† stated that there was an overproduction because firms were selling, but no one was purchasing. Families were very poor for buying goods that market offered. It was very hard to find a new job. Industries and farms lowered the number of workers because they had enough goods to sell. The Monetary Factor Monetary reduction was one of the factors that brought in Great Depression. In 1928-1929 the American’s banks raised the interest rates. This limited loans for business and supply of money. These limitations slow down the economy b

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Truman Capote and Perry Essay Example

Truman Capote and Perry Essay Example Truman Capote and Perry Paper Truman Capote and Perry Paper became unusable. So people had to start trading things like coffee, whiskey, gas, and other things that people actually needed. What instances of there of people being in positions of power or public authority who should not be, before and after The Day? How does Randy’s exercise of authority contrast with that of others, from the pilot Pee Wee to Bubba Offenhaus, Edgar Quisenberry, and Porky Logan? Pg. 133 When it comes to who’s in charge after The Day, Randy steps up to the plate and tries to organize everything that is going on. He gets together a group of veterans, and they take charge of the place. They stop the highway men from doing more damage, end up making laws, and everything else that the others that used to be in charge failed to do. The people that used to be in charge weren’t able to acclimate. Pg. 122-Edgar shot himself because his life revolved around money and the bank, and that no longer mattered. In Chapter 4, Helen points out that her children, and all children in the late 1950’s â€Å"have lived under the shadow of war-atomic war. For them the abnormal had become normal. † Do children today live under a comparable shadow or shadows? If so, what are the possible consequences for them? I don’t think children live under a shadow; I feel like there’s not a whole lot to be afraid of here. But then again, there’s a lot I don’t know about the world and what’s going on in it. If there is a shadow.. It would be the coming of a depression or global warming. The consequences are that we won’t be prepared for whatever is going to come our way. What are the consequences- for Randy himself, for his family and friends, and for all of Fort Repose-of Randy’s decision in Chapter 5, that â€Å"he would have to play by the old rules†? In what ways do Randy and others subsequently act in accordance with or in opposition to â€Å"the old rules†? Randy and the others have to play by the old rules by how they survive. They have to learn how to live like the ancient Egyptians did back in the day. ? What is the sequence of the escalating breakdown of â€Å"normal† order, institutions, and public services? How do people react to the sudden absence of services and procedures that they-we-take for granted? Would reactions today be different or similar? What do you think is the most serious loss? First the banks start closing, then the stores run out of supplies, then gas starts to run out, then food starts to run out, then all the other necessities start running out. But as they all run out, different people think of different solutions to make up for what was lost. Like the boat instead of the car, the salted meat instead of refrigerated meat, the artisan water instead of regular water, orange juice and citrus instead of milk, guns instead of wallets, stuff like that. Some people react well and go along with the new changes, trying to adapt; other people do not adapt well at all, and end up dying. I think if the situation happened today it would be similar, if not worse. Most of us take for granted the little things in life, like coffee and clean water. After reading the book, it seems like the most serious loss would be lack of salt. In Chapter 5, Frank writes of bank president Edgar Quisenberry that â€Å"He had forgotten the implacable law of scarcity. † How would you define/describe that law? How does it come into play for the people of Fort Repose, and what effects does it have? The implacable law of scarcity is when someone can never everything he wants, and never have it his way. I guess when everyone loses it all, there isn’t any more classes. No more first class and third class; everyone’s in the same boat: poor. It comes into play in Fort Repose with Mr. McGovern, mostly. He starts working with someone who used to work for him. The African American children go to school and play with the white children. In some ways, there’s more unity. In other situations, people turn on each other, fighting for their own survival. Is Helen’s â€Å"inventory of necessities,† in Chapter 6, realistic and appropriate? What would be included in your inventory of necessities in the case of a similar catastrophe? Why? Her list of necessities probably seemed somewhat appropriate at the time, but looking ahead, they should have tried to get the absolute necessities. After reading this book my list of necessities would have been: gas, shoes, coffee, salt, sweets, meat, candles, radio, batteries, medical stuff, and ammunition. I’m probably missing some, but I wouldn’t have been able to come up with a good list if I hadn’t read this book. In Chapter 6, Dan mentions historian Arnold Toynbee in a conversation with Randy. Discuss the significance of this passage in terms of the theme of the novel? Pg. 133 â€Å"His theory of challenge and response applies not only to nations, but to individuals. Some nations and some people melt in the heat of crisis and come apart like fat in the pan. Others meet the challenge and harden. † â€Å"They created and lived in an environment of paper profits, and when paper returned to paper, they had to kill themselves, not realizing that their environment was unnatural and artificial. † Those two quotes are the main theme of the book. The book showed us how we live, and not to take everything we have for granted. As fast as we get it, it can all be taken away. It showed us that we should be more grateful for the little things in life.. Or that’s what it showed me. What factors of character and circumstance justify Randy’s assuming responsibility for and authority over Fort Repose? Is his thought in Chapter 7-†When you had the responsibility you also had the right to command†-explanation enough? I think that Randy taking charge because he had the responsibility was enough of an explanation. Randy was doing what he thought would benefit the community the most, and it did indeed do so. To what extent does â€Å"survival of the fittest† apply in Fort Repose after The Day? What do Randy and the others understand that phrase to mean? What do you understand it to mean? Only the fit and adept could survive. If you couldn’t adapt to change, you weren’t going to live. Randy thought of it when Florence’s cat ate her bird. The cat didn’t have anything else to eat, so it had to do what it had to do. I wouldn’t want to eat an armadillo, but if there was nothing else to eat, I’d be eating that armadillo! How did the lives of some of the characters improve after The Day? The lives of the Henry’s improved because they were looked at as equals to everyone else. The lives of the poor people changed for the better because they became equal as everyone else, also. After The Day, Alice finally found her meaning of life. She was able to be someone important as a librarian, everyone started coming to her. What change in black and white relationships evolved after The Day? Black and white relationships became more equal, as discussed previously. How might the burial of Porky Logan be considered the turning point of the novel? The burial of Porky Logan could be a turning point of the book because after he (Randy’s rival) dies, Randy takes up the position of authority that Porky had had and leads the people in a very good and effective way. Does it matter who won this war? It doesn’t really matter who won the war with the amount of damage done, people were still focusing on what really mattered: survival. Why do you think Frank selected a phrase from The Revelation of John as the title of his book? To what extent do you think he intended the references to Babylon in chapters 17 and 18 of The Revelation to apply to the United States of the 1950’s? To what extent might they apply to the United States of today? Frank must have used the phrase form The Revelation of John to show that what he’s writing has to do with some of his Christian beliefs. How is the novel critical of American wealth? The novel is critical of American wealth, in that it shows us we don’t really need all that we have. We don’t need cash to survive, what we really need is food, water, shelter .. etc. What do you know now that you didn’t know before you read this book? I know now what kinds of things to do in survival situations that I wouldn’t have known. Things like putting salt on meat to preserve it, eating armadillos .. etc.

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Health and Happiness Democracy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Health and Happiness Democracy - Essay Example Studies from California to Michigan established that social connectedness is one of the most powerful determinants of well being. According to the study, frequent participation in community activities and social gathering reduces the risk of having diseases like cancer or heart attack. On the other hand, sociologist James House and his colleague stated that social connectedness also contributes to the biomedical risk factors such as cigarette smoking and obesity. Researchers are not sure why social cohesion affects the well-being of an individual but they proposed theories why social cohesion matters. First, social networks offer assistance thereby, reducing mental and physical stress. It reinforce healthy norms and able to organize politically to ensure first-rate medical services. Another researcher named Lisa Berkman speculated that social isolation is a chronically stressful condition to which the organism responds by aging faster.